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Floral Rounds

StyleNo Gold Flakes

Experience the ideal blend of versatility and custom craftsmanship! These creations not only fulfill your preservation dreams but also serve a purpose. Whether utilized as coasters or paperweights, they provide a perfect avenue to reflect on your cherished moments. We do not recommend placing hot drinks on these keepsakes. These beauties are mainly for decor & display.

Our molds measure 4”x1”, allowing only very flat-lying flowers (such as Ranunculus, Orchids, flower petals and Anemones) and flat-lying greenery to fit within coasters.

Please keep in mind:

  • Add-on items are designed by artist's choice and no sneak peak is provided. We use your best looking blooms for every piece. 
  • Color Correction is only available for main pieces and select add-on items: mini hexagons and 4x4s. 
  • If you only order add-ons, we need very few flowers unless you think you would be interested in adding on more products later. Please note that we do not send back extra flowers. We only ship what is preserved. 


4" diameter 

up to 1" depth 

We provide each of our clients with detailed shipping instructions so that they can be prepared and feel confident in sending us their precious blooms! View our shipping instructions here.

Only very small pieces can fit in add-ons. If you are wanting full flowers preserved, we recommend a larger preservation product. We do not offer design proofs or sneak peaks for add-ons. Our designers will use what will fit best in the molds. Add-ons are usually not color corrected. Please keep small resin pieces out of reach of children and pets. We are not responsible for damages or lost products during shipping. We do not ship back extra flowers. We only ship back what is preserved in resin or pressed products.

Floral Rounds

How It Works

How it works

Step 1

Book Your Preservation

Choose products and payment options for stress-free preservation.

Step 2

Ship Your Blooms

Send or drop off flowers within 4 days using our stress-free instructions.

Step 3

Drying + Design

Our team carefully dries your flowers and provides a complementary proof.

Step 4


Flowers are preserved as pressed and/or resin pieces.

Step 5

Back to You

Receive preserved flowers with tracking updates via email.