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Why choose Blossom & Rhyme?

Choosing a preservation company can seem like a daunting task. We want to provide you with as much information about us and what we offer to help you feel comfortable and confident in your decision! Check out what sets us apart below!

Art Glass 99™ included with all pressed pieces

Woman owned and operated

Nationally recognized for luxury preservations

Frosted edges included with every resin piece

Quality & Accessibility

Here are Blossom & Rhyme, we want floral preservation to be accessible to everyone who wants to preserve their memories. We also prioritize a luxury quality that will be cherished for years to come. We offer payment plans and free return shipping. We also offer flower drying instructions that will easily lead you through how to dry your bouquet after the event to later ship to us using ground shipping which is more affordable compared to overnight shipping options. All of our pressed preservation receive Art Glass 99™ at no added cost to our clients. It’s a high grade glass that prevents 99% of UV rays from touching your blooms.

Frosted Edges ™

My husband, Kristian, and I introduced Frosted Edges™ to enhance the quality of our resin blocks. Initially, we observed sharp and ridged edges that didn't align with our high standards. This signature look not only eliminates sharp edges but also reduces the risk of chipping when dropped. This complimentary feature is automatically included in most products, reflecting our commitment to unique and framed aesthetics.


I love poetry and founded Blossom and Rhyme to merge flower preservation with personalized poems inspired by your love stories. Your unique story is matched with a crafted poem from my collection or a custom creation. Your stories matter; you're not just an order number but a person entrusting us with your memories.

Color Correction

Revive your flowers with our color correction! Preserve event colors, embrace transparency for a unique touch, or restore original colors – we've got you covered. Explore our transformations!

Colorful Color Correction

Colorful bouquets can often times fade during the drying process. While we do believe that they are still beautiful, if color is important to you, we offer color correction services to get as close as possible to your original flower colors as possible. This option will prevent against transparent spotting.

Colorful bouquets can still be beautiful natural! There are some flowers that don’ttypically need color correction and some that do. This is why we send you a picture of the way your flowers dried to have your approval before moving forward. If you do not select color correction and checkout, you can always add this on later! You can see where your flowers were touched by your florist and the day of the wedding by the “love marks” or transparent spotting on the petals of the flowers.

White Color Correction

White bouquets are usually in need of Color Correction due to them fading and bruising more than other colorful bouquets. Please keep in mind that even when color corrected, we keep the flowers looking a more natural white than very vibrant white as this can easily look fake. We want your beautiful flowers to look as natural as possible.

If you choose to keep your white bouquet natural, please expect some transport spotting showing where your flowers were touched by your florists and the day of the wedding. We call this spotting “love spots” as it tells a story and adds character to your piece.

A Growing Team

Blossom and Rhyme, a woman-owned business, operates nationally with a team of 12+ artisans dedicated to preserving your flowers. Our passion and expertise are forged through relentless dedication, constant innovation, and uncompromising quality control. With weekly team meetings and 24/7 availability, we are committed to excellence, serving as many clients as possible. Entrust us to capture the enchantment and memories held by your special blooms – an honor we'd cherish.