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Square Side Table


Explore an innovative way to preserve your special flowers with our square side tables, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality. This compact-sized table is perfect for serving as a small accent piece of furniture. It's important to note that all resin tables are primarily intended for decorative purposes, though they can also hold a variety of coasters.

The dimensions are 12"x12" and the depth can be up to 4 inches total. Our team will discuss leg options with you during the design process. Have some ideas ready of what table legs you had in mind and we will do our best to make your vision come to life!

**This table is for decor only and should not be used to place hot drinks on.** 


Height 12"

Width 12" 

Depth up to 4"

We provide each of our clients with detailed shipping instructions so that they can be prepared and feel confident in sending us their precious blooms! View our shipping instructions here.

All resin will develop an amber glow over time. We use a high quality, VOC free resin that has UV inhibitors that may prolong or prevent this. We think that this does not take away from the preservation and looks as if your flowers are basking during golden hour. We want to be as transparent as possible with this part of resin preservation. Please note that all resin pieces are for display only. We do not recommend keeping resin pieces within reach of children or pets. Resin pieces are heavy and should be treated with care. The design that is approved will not be an exact design of the final product , however, we will get as close as possible. If color correction is not applied, color changes will happen and when preserved in resin, you will see spots on most flowers from where they were touched by your florist and on the event date. When color corrected, we will get as close as possible to the original color, but exact color matching may not be possible. We are not responsible for damaged or lost products during shipping. Tables are for decor purposes only.

Square Side Table

How It Works

How it works

Step 1

Book Your Preservation

Choose products and payment options for stress-free preservation.

Step 2

Ship Your Blooms

Send or drop off flowers within 4 days using our stress-free instructions.

Step 3

Drying + Design

Our team carefully dries your flowers and provides a complementary proof.

Step 4


Flowers are preserved as pressed and/or resin pieces.

Step 5

Back to You

Receive preserved flowers with tracking updates via email.