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Our Team

Our Team

I am so thrilled you are here! My name is Rachael Croxall, and I am a floral resin artist based out of beautiful Chattanooga, TN. I accept bouquets from all across the U.S.

I founded Blossom & Rhyme in July of 2020, two years after I married my high school sweetheart, Kristian.

iI remember longing to re-live our wedding day again and again. I have always loved the idea of holding on to memories through photos, artifacts and videos, but I wanted to go beyond that and re-live my favorite day in a more tangible way. A way that would be everlasting.

I have always had a love for writing and reading poetry. I also admire how every love story is different. I wanted to incorporate original, personalized poetry into my business so you can cherish your love story in word form.

I began preserving wedding bouquets and writing poetry so you could have your favorite day forever, untouched by time.

I have always been deeply passionate about writing poetry and intertwining that passion with real-life love stories, just like yours & mine.

I decided to combine my love for resin art, weddings, and poetry and started Blossom and Rhyme. I preserve florals in resin and uniquely handcraft each order through a design & poem that matches your story.

It would be my honor to work with you to preserve your memories and create something beautiful.

With love,

Blossom & Rhyme exists so you can re-live
your favorite memories, untouched by time.