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The Faces Behind the Company

Rachael Croxall


The owner & founder of Blossom and Rhyme. She lives and breathes to stop time around your most precious memories. She started her business during the pandemic in 2020 and has grown it from the ground up since. Her roles include managing & running Blossom & Rhyme, growth & expansion planning, creative directing and quality innovation & improvement. She is also the poet behind the poems you receive with your orders. A fun fact about Rachael is that she loves her dog Harley as if she was her own child. Harley comes to Blossom daily with Rachael and is loved by everyone who stops by our studio. Click HERE to read more about Rachael’s story.

Rebecca Rogers

Pressed Flower Director

Rebecca is the Pressed Flower Director here at Blossom and Rhyme. She also happens to be Rachael’s mother! She is perhaps one of the most passionate, loyal and #1 cheerleader for Blossom and Rhyme. When she is in charge of an order, it is guaranteed to be perfect, and if it isn’t she will do everything she can to make sure the client is happy. She is certified, thoroughly trained and educated on how to make the perfect pressed pieces for our clients. A fact about Rebecca is that she recently recovered from an extensive brain surgery removing a benign acoustic neuroma tumor and is now doing very well. She is spending all of her time either in her garden or at Blossom–always surrounded by flowers.

Anna Koon

Operations Manager

Anna is our Operations Manager here at B&R. She runs the ship with the day-to-day operations at the studio and does it very well. She loves to bring a smile to everyone around her and cares deeply for each client and employee. Some of her tasks include office culture, planning events, scheduling meetings and organizing the systems of a growing business. Her passion shines through her leadership and work. A fun fact about Anna is that she is passionate about foster care and has a foster baby of her own that we all love.

Felicity Wright

Shipping & Quality Control Lead

Felicity began working at Blossom and Rhyme as our shipping & packaging coordinator and is now one of our Team Leads. She leads the production and shipping department and is our quality control gatekeeper. She often works long hours to ensure everything is perfect for our clients. She truly cares about the finishing touches on every preservation and ensures everything is up to our luxury standard. A fun fact about Felicity is that she just learned how to knit and is absolutely addicted. If she is not working, she’s knitting.

Allie Anastas

Flower Processing & Design Lead

Allie began working at B&R as our color correction specialist. She has now taken on the role of the Flower Processing & Design Lead. She is very talented with everything she does and is determined to keep Blossom running smoothly and efficiently. She still color corrects flowers and is always working towards a beautiful and natural outcome. A fun fact about Allie is that she went to college with Rachael and attended the same art class together. The art class happened to be the very thing that ignited Rachael’s passion for resin art. Allie is an artist herself and enjoys painting. She also has two german shepherds whom she loves so much.

Mallory Neal

Marketing & Networking Coordinator

Mallory is our Marketing & Networking Coordinator. She graduated from UTC with her bachelors in marketing and has worked for Blossom & Rhyme since nearly the start. She has grown our following on social media and continues to improve our branding and marketing presence through our social media platforms and connecting with wedding professionals and social media influencers. She truly sees the vision for Blossom and Rhyme and works consistently to grow our brand to be the go-to company for all floral preservation needs. She is extremely passionate about B&R and her work is the evidence of this passion. A fun fact about Mallory is that she dabbles in photography on the side!

Madelyn Rogers

Pressed Flower Artist

Madelyn is our production & pressed technician. She has been with Blossom since day one and is also Rachael’s sister. Her passion for Blossom and Rhyme is obvious to anyone who sees her designs. She is a wonderful floral artist and very talented at making resin crystal clear. A fun fact about Madelyn is that was once a ballerina!

Tori Doucet

Customer Experience Specialist

Tori is our customer relations coordinator! She is the voice of Blossom & Rhyme and loves our team and clients. It is evident that she is the perfect fit for what she does. We are so thankful for her! A fun fact about Tori is that she loves plants and has a big dieffenbachia named “Fred”.

Kylie Allin

Production Technician

Kylie is one of our production technicians here at Blossom & Rhyme. She is very passionate about every preservation she makes. Her goal of precision and excellence is so evident. A fun fact about Kylie is that she is an artist outside of B&R as well.

Leah Jackson

Production Technician

Leah is our second production technician here at B&R. She does excellent work and truly cares about every order. She makes beautiful add-ons and is constantly thinking of ways to improve. A fun fact about Leah is that she loves halloween & her dog Tilly!


Shop Assistant

Michaela is our flower processing and color correction shop assistant. She is always looking for ways to make B&R the best it can be. She has brought fresh new perspectives and qualities to our team. A fun fact about Michaela is that she once worked at Disney.

Mackenzie Mann

Flower Drying Technician

Mackenzie is our flower drying technician. She processes your blooms and is careful to ensure that every flower is dried to perfection. A fun fact about Mackenzie is that she is also a yoga instructor!

Aubrey Farrow

Marketing Assistant

Aubrey is our marketing assistant and is the newest member of our team. We’re already all so impressed with her passion to connect with others and network with other wedding and event vendors. A fun fact about Aubrey is that she and Rachael met through mutual friends while playing pickleball!

Harley Croxall

The Welcoming Committee

Harley is Rachael & Kristians dog and is always at the studio. Her responsibilities include staring at you until you give her a treat, bringing a smile to your face and making sure all of our shipping carriers pet her. A fun fact about Harley is that she has two cat brothers at home that she considers her babies.