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Per our disclaimer, all Blossom and Rhyme products are made without any warranty express or implied. 

Personalized, custom items are sold on an as-is basis and cannot be returned. 

Ready-made items may be returned within 7 days of purchase for a replacement item with the customer covering all shipping and handling costs.


Flower arrival dates may be rescheduled up to one month in advance without any additional fees. 

Lost or damaged bouquets:

Blossom and Rhyme is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged bouquets. B&R is not liable for anything that happens to the flowers during the event or during transit. We prepare for each order by buying all necessary supplies ahead of time. We do not offer full refunds for lost, stolen or damaged bouquets. 

Options for those who have lost or damaged bouquet:

For lost bouquets during shipping only: proof of lost package/bouquet will be required to submit in a request for a refund. We offer 50% refunds for bouquets that are lost in the mail and proven to be by proof of tracking number. 

Clients are able to send B&R a replica bouquet through their original florist and overnight or drop off the flowers at our studio. (You may also dry the flowers with our drying instructions yourself then send them to B&R at a later time and save on overnight fees.) 

Clients are able to order a replica bouquet through our local florist in Chattanooga, TN for B&R employees to pick up the order for a service fee of $50. Contact us at [email protected] for the florists’ information.

Clients may use their order payment as a credit for any date within 1 year of the scheduled date.

Clients may still preserve their damaged bouquet with B&R. It is quite normal for some of the flowers to brown slightly in the mail. We usually can still preserve flowers that have undergone excessive bruising/browning (as long as the client knows that the final product will have bruising). However, if your flowers have excessive browning, molding, mildew and/or rotting, we cannot dry or preserve them up to our standards. 

COVID refund policy: 

No refunds will be made due to the cancellation of events due to covid after 3 months per our normal refund policy. 

We would be willing to discuss rescheduling with the client or exploring the above options.

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