4 Inch Rounds

4" Diameter  |  $75 each

These are the perfect mix of versatile and custom! Fulfilling your preservation dreams with a purpose. Whether coasters or paperweights, they are the perfect way to reminisce on your favorite moments.

**Disclaimer: Our molds are 4”x1” meaning only very flat laying flowers (such as
Ranunculus, Orchids, and Anemone) and flat laying greenery can fit within coasters. We recommend upgrading to at least a 6×6 resin block to encompass your full bouquet. If we talk in terms of memories, these are a quiet whisper and a resin block is a full flashback.**

  • We usually cannot encase full flowers, as our molds are only 1 inch deep.
  • We can encase flat flowers, greenery and petals!
  • We only need a small amount of flowers. Usually around half of a bouquet will give us enough variety to work with. However, please keep in mind that we do not send extra flowers back! If you are wanting full flowers encased, a resin block is your best option.
  • Cannot hold hot mugs/drinks on coasters
  • Cannot be placed in dishwasher
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