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Your flowers
by time.

step 1

Reserve date & place order

The date you reserve is the date we expect your flowers to arrive to our studio. We do recommend booking in advance. However, we would like to work with as many of you as possible, so give us a call if you do not see your date available and we may be able to pull some strings! We have an expansive and capable team to take on as many of you as possible. 

step 2

Mail us your flowers

Time to ship your flowers off for a preservation vacation! We will send you careful instructions on how to tend to your flowers during this process. You’ll receive shipping instructions on how to safely package them so they can be in prime condition during shipping. You receive the shipping instructions via your email confirmation after placing an order.

*We recommend getting the flowers to our shop no more than 72 hours after the event to ensure they are fresh & happy before drying. The fresher, the better for the preservation process!

If you would like to forego overnighting your flowers, we can send you flower drying instructions for you to dry and send at a later date without any rush. 

*Couples often find this to be a fun, relaxing, hands on activity to do after their wedding. If you are not  crafty or do not have time, you may pass this off to a friend, family member or wedding planner!*

step 3

Creation & Delivery

Once we receive your blooms, we will carefully select the freshest & most beautiful flowers and greenery to dry & preserve. Once the flowers are dry, we will design your order based on your story & feedback from the design form you will fill out during the waiting process. We will send you a complimentary design proof before your flowers are sent to the production department. If you would like to purchase additional designs, please let your artist know or you may purchase the design proof at time of checkout! After you confirm, we will layer your pieces in resin until they are completely covered & ready to be sent back to it’s forever home!

*This is a time-consuming process when done correctly, and we want nothing but the best for you & your blooms! We love to put the most time and love we can into every order, for this reason, the process cannot be rushed. This can be around 8  months, but it will be so worth it. For table order it can take 10-12 months depending on how large the project is and the demand.

Your flowers — untouched by time

Uniquely preserved in resin and handcrafted with 
careful design, from the flowers to the rhyme!