Frequently Asked Questions

We understand this is a delicate process, check out our FAQ’s if you have any questions. If you still do not seeing what you are looking for? Get in touch filling out our contact form.

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The sooner the better!

We do our best to accept every order but our calendar can get booked up. For this reason, we recommend you book your desired flower arrival date at your earliest convenience. 

If you do not book your date at least one month prior to the event date there will be a rush fee applied to your order. 

No need to worry! We have created a step-by-step guide on how you or a friend can dry your one of a kind flowers and send them to us at a later date. We recommend reserving a date 3 weeks or later after you begin the drying process to give you enough time to dry and package the flowers. The date you book is the date we will receive your flowers.

To get the flower drying instructions, please email us at: [email protected]

Our turnaround time for orders depends on the time of year and the influx of orders. On average, expect about a 14 – 18 week turnaround time, however, this is not an exact timeline. We want to make sure all the details of your forever resin piece are perfect before shipping to you. 


To have the most prime resin piece with the liveliest flowers, we require that they arrive at our shop no later than 24-72 after the wedding depending on the condition and care of the flowers. We dry the flowers using a unique technique that helps preserve the quality and color of the flower when done within this time frame. 

The longer the flowers wait to be dried the higher the risk of wilting and bruising.

We will send you a simple, step-by-step document explaining how to get your flowers to us safely and quickly. We ship across the US but are based in Chattanooga, TN.

We do have a local drop-off/pickup option which is preferred for the condition of the flowers. Just shoot us an email at [email protected] to arrange details. We want to make the process as stress-free as possible!

My team and I have a unique way of drying flowers that preserves the careful detail of each flower, while also drying them thoroughly to preserve the color and quality of the flowers as best as possible.

However, if you cannot get them to us 24-72 hours after the event, we can send you step-by-step details on how to dry them yourself and get them ready for shipment at a later date.

Yes! It is time to dust off your bouquet that has been hanging in the attic for years and create a special resin piece from it! Let us work our magic and turn your dusty bouquet into an art piece to display.

If there is mold or moisture on the flowers, we cannot accept them. If you are unsure if we can work with them, feel free to email us photos at [email protected].

Blossom and Rhyme is not responsible for any mold, rotting, dust or hairs that are within the flowers that we cannot see.

It is very crucial to the preservation process that everything is completely dry before going into resin. Succulents are like grapes. They are very full of moisture and when dried, they shrivel like a raisin. For this reason, we do not work with succulents of any kind. However, if you have a bouquet that is a mix of flowers and succulents, we would suggest keeping the succulents at home with you and shipping us the flowers to preserve!

It is very important to take special care of your flowers the day of the event. It is quite normal for the flowers to be moved around & used as they are supposed to be used!

However, avoid touching the flower petals and throwing the bouquet if possible. If you do a bouquet toss at your wedding, consider buying an artificial bouquet or a mini bouquet to throw instead.

Some bruising on flower petals is unavoidable (very similar to bruising on a banana) and we think it adds some character, but to decrease the chances of them bruising, handle them gently. The bruises will not be seen until they are layered in resin.

Keep the flower stems in water until the time of shipment and follow our shipping instructions for optimal flower condition!

It is very important to NOT place your bouquet in the freezer or fridge! A residential-grade fridge is not good for your flowers and a freezer is simply too cold! After removing your flowers from a freezer, the flowers will droop, rot and mold very quickly. We do not accept bouquets that have been placed in the freezer, however no need to fear if you have done this already! Simply call your florist and ask them to make a mini version of your wedding bouquet, and we can preserve that!

Upon arrival, we will assess every one of your flowers carefully and will pick the most beautiful and healthy blooms/greenery to include in your designs! If you are wanting to get the most out of your flowers, we suggest upgrading the size of the resin block. We do not ship extra flowers back.

The preservation process is a combination of unique design and a special science. Your bouquet will go through a beautiful transformation process that will remind you of the best day ever!

Your bouquet will go through a transformation process while it is being preserved.
Some of the changes that may occur (but not limited to):

  • Red/deep-colored roses will get darker
  • White flowers will develop into a more off-white or yellow tone
  • ”Bruising” or “translucent spots” may occur. To reduce this, try not to handle/touch/throw your flowers. (Pro tip: do a bouquet toss with an artificial bouquet!)
  • Some tropical flowers/greenery may not survive the drying process or may turn a brown color.
  • The flowers will move slightly once the resin is poured on top.

Email us for further questions about changes your flowers may go through.


  1. Keep your flowers in water when they are not being used and after the event.
  2. Try to keep your flowers out of direct heat or in a cool dark room.


  1. Try to avoid touching your flowers as this can result in extra oils and bruising of the flowers.
  2. We recommend NOT using your bridal bouquet for the bridal toss. 
  3. When shipping us your flowers do not put plastic or a bag around your flowers as this can act as a heat chamber.

Our art studio is based out of Chattanooga, TN, but we can ship all over the US!

We have a local drop-off option to accept flowers directly to our shop. 

Email us at [email protected] if you are interested in this option.

At this moment, we do not. International shipping options coming soon! 🙂

Once you have placed an order, we will send you detailed shipping instructions on how to send us your flowers in the best condition possible. 

  • Place a wet paper towel or water tubes on the bottom of the stems to get them hydrated during shipping.
  •  We recommend securely packing the flowers in the box with tissue paper to avoid movement and damage. 
  • If you have any questions or concerns about shipping your flowers, please feel free to email us. 

Each piece is made with high-quality resin that is very durable, but it still needs to be handled with care. The suggestions are very simple. Please keep your piece out of direct sunlight for optimal protection. You may also wipe down your piece occasionally by using a lint-less cloth.

The resin we use to preserve your flowers is clear, free of VOCs and very high-quality. It provides a three-dimensional experience of viewing your wedding flowers. Over time, the resin might develop a slight amber-like glow. We think this adds a beautiful, vintage element to it.

Disclaimer: resin yellowing is an inevitable effect from the natural aging of your product. The best way to prevent this from happening is to leave it out of any kind of direct sunlight. We are not responsible for the natural effects of aging in your product.

Resin boxes are self-standing, and we recommend displaying it in a location where it will be seen and enjoyed the most but left out of direct sunlight. Combining your custom heirloom with wedding photos in a special place is a beautiful idea!

Here at Blossom and Rhyme, your story matters to us just as much as the quality of your piece. 

We include a personalized poem with every order for you to cherish along with your custom heirloom.

During the order process, you will fill out a small questionnaire that helps us better get to know you and your story!

When searching for a professional to persevere your flowers, you may want to consider an artist who adds the “finishing touches” to your piece. 
We make sure to include “finished edging” with every resin block. We think this adds a nice, luxurious and framed look to your heirloom. 

Our goal is to work with as many of you as possible!

In order for us to cater to your date, we have recently added on a rush service. If your date appears to be booked, you may add on the rush service when booking with us. If the rush service is available for you, then we will gladly move our schedule around to accept your blooms!

If you are not interested in our rush service, we will happily share our exclusive drying instructions with you to carefully and professionally dry your bouquet. 

Color enhancement is for those who want their flowers to look closer to what they did when they were fresh on the day of their special event. This option minimizes bruising and livens up your flowers! We have an in-house color enhancement specialist that works on color matching and designing your order until it’s perfect for you. Color enhancement options and pricing are available for all of our clients at the time of the design phase. White orchids and white flowers are usually in need of color enhancement after the drying process. We highly recommend adding this option on to your order.



If you would like to add another item(s), please place another order! We will be able to see all of the orders you place and will make sure to include the added products. 

If you are interested in upgrading or have a special request you forgot to include, please contact us at [email protected]

We strive to create a special experience for each client when when they place an order.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients.

However, under the circumstance of a customer requesting a refund, here is our refund and return policy:


If you are wanting to preserve a replica of your bouquet, we have two different options!

  1. Contact the florist who made your original bouquet, and have them create a new one to send to us fresh! You can place an order as if you are going to have your original fresh bouquet. Just make sure to pick a date that works with the florist’s timing as well!
  2. Email us at [email protected], and we can put you in contact with our florist. This option will allow you to forgo any overnight shipping fees.

Note: Option 1 is preferred due to the more simplistic steps for getting another bouquet ordered.

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