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After choosing your main piece, you may now select your add-on items.

We also recommend add-ons as gifts for those who would cherish the memories the most. 

You will receive instructions to ship your bouquet after placing your order in your order confirmation email.

Ring Dish

Resin Block $85

Please note that we cannot fit full flowers in a ring dish as it is very thin in the middle. We can fit smaller pieces and petals.

No Add-ons

Mini Hexagon

Resin Block $200

This mini hexagon is the perfect small gift for friends or family who hold a special place in your heart. It is also great for a small accent piece for spray roses, greenery and flatter, small flowers.

No Add-ons

4″ block

4x4x2" Resin Block $200

This 4×4 block is perfect for smaller boutonnieres, or smaller flowers to preserve for a lifetime. This is our smallest block size available and is great for an adorable accent piece in any room. These are also great for gifts!

No Add-ons


Resin Block $85

The most cherished ornament you will ever own! Your preserved flowers enhancing the holiday cheer. Please keep in mind that these ornaments only hold flatter, smaller flowers and flat greenery.

No Add-ons


Resin Block $50

Hold your favorite flowers close to your heart. We’ll create 
a custom necklace from your flowers. Through tiny bits 
of flowers and abstract design, we will be sure to create 
a piece of jewelry that holds so much meaning to you!

No Add-ons


Resin Block $75$85

Our ring holder can fit small amounts of tiny botanicals and greenery. The perfect way to display your ring and preserve your favorite flowers! Functional and beautiful.

No Add-ons

4 inch rounds

Resin Block $75

These are the perfect mix of versatile and custom! Fulfilling your preservation dreams with a purpose. Whether coasters or paperweights, they are the perfect way to reminisce on your favorite moments.

**Disclaimer: Our molds are 4”x1” meaning only very flat laying flowers (such as Ranunculus, Orchids, and Anemone) and flat laying greenery can fit within coasters. We recommend upgrading to at least a 6×6 resin block to encompass your full bouquet. If we talk in terms of memories, these are a quiet whisper and a resin block is a full flashback.**

No Add-ons

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