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Why B&R

Why choose Blossom & Rhyme


I have always loved poetry since I was a little girl. Words capture what photos cannot. It is another art form and preservation form in itself. I knew I wanted to combine my passion of preserving flowers with poetry when I started reading all of your love stories. It was beautiful. I have written many poems over the years for Blossom and Rhyme. My team and I take a look at your love story and match it with a poem I have written. If your love story is extra special and I have no poem that matches your memories, or you request a custom poem, I will write one especially for you and your memories. Your stories matter to us. You are not an order number, you are a human with a story to tell that is trusting us with your flowers.

Color Correction

Color correction is a new and innovative way to prevent bruising and transparent spotting on your flowers after being encased in resin. We have in-house specialists that will color-match your flowers as close as possible to how they looked the day of the event. While our drying process does preserve some of the colors, it does not preserve all of the color nor does it correct any transparency or bruising the flowers may endure the day of the event or during shipment. Some clients love to see the transparent spots because it shows where your florals were touched the day of the event. It tells a story of its own. While other clients care more about restoring the original color to their blooms. We want to cater to both preferences! Not sure which you like more? Check out our before and after photos of both options below!

Colorful Color Corrected

Colorful bouquets look beautiful with the vibrancy added back to their petals. We take our time to ensure it matches the brilliance and beauty they once had the day of the event.

Colorful Natural

A natural, colorful bouquet in all of its beauty! You can see where these flowers were handled on the day of the event. Leaving little love marks that tell a story for a lifetime.

White Color Corrected

We highly recommend color correction for white bouquets due to bruising and transparent spots being more common among white botanicals. Notice how white flowers, even when color corrected, do not preserve a true white color. White flowers will have a slight, natural tint to them.

White Natural

You can tell with this beautiful natural bouquet that while the resin work is spotless, the flowers have some natural spotting.

Tropical Bouquet
Color Corrected

Tropical bouquets are known for changing colors drastically even with our special drying process. This is no match for our team! Swipe to see!

Frosted Edging™

My husband, Kristian, and I developed frosted edges ™ for all resin blocks as a way to elevate our products to a higher quality. We noticed that the edges were sharp and ridged. This did not meet our high expectations for the exceptional quality that we aim for. This is our signature look within the industry and we take pride in its unique and framed look. While it does prevent sharp edges, it also lowers the risk of your block chipping if it is dropped. This is a complementary service and is automatically added to most products.

A growing team

Blossom and Rhyme is a woman owned and operated business serving clients nationally. We consist of 12+ team members and artisans who work together to ensure your flowers are taken care of. Passion and experience is something that cannot be taught. It must be learned from countless sleepless nights, working weekends and constantly innovating to provide luxury floral art pieces to our clients. Through weekly team meetings, staff on-call 24/7, and an uncompromising quality control system, our commitment to premium preservations is unwavering. We are driven by a passion for excellence while also serving as many clients as possible. It would be an honor if you chose us to preserve the magic and memories that your special blooms hold.

Due to our growing team, we also have availability year-round. While we do recommend booking in advance, we usually have last-minute availability, unlike many companies.

We have worked with thousands of couples across the globe and would love to work with you. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your cherished flowers into timeless works of art that will continue to inspire through the years.

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